Artful Bird

Art by Charlie Bird
Temperamental and fidgety, I thought my bird was a mean old grump.  It turned out she was a frustrated artist. 
I adopted my Myer's parrot as a chick and named her Charlie. I found her beak very sharp and her attention span short, and to keep her from chewing on my furniture I gave her my junk mail to chew on instead.  I discovered something very interesting about my bird - Charlie is very creative!
Animals all over the world are showing us that they are intelligent, creative, sentient beings.  Elephants and chimpanzees paint, horses and parrots dance, dogs love to joke, whales create music, cows sculpt, and pigs can play video games.  Charlie shreds everything she can get her beak on.
When you see what Charlie creates, you'll wonder about all the birds that come into your life.
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Charlie's Art